The innovative


is a new chair-independent unit for dentists and assistants - HYGIENE without cart and whip arm. This unique equipment is the result of 50 years of my own experience.

The HYGIENIKA-body consists of a lightweight and robust powder-coated aluminum cabinet. It is a chair-independent docking unit for dentists and assistants (combination unit).

Delivery time 4 months

Made in Germany

Individual color choice

Customizable instrument selection

The innovative HYGIENIKA is a low-maintenance, space-saving unit with completely concealed retraction and customizable equipment.

The dentist module comes equipped with two motors, one turbine, multi-functional syringe and ultrasonic instrument.

The hose storage is concealed. The motor hoses retract at the end of treatment and are located in a separate chamber system, which can be charged with AEROSOL. Each equipment set can be operated independently without any storage obstruction.

The instrument tray on the dentist module is shift-proof, clearly visible and easily accessible for both dentist and assistant. The rinse cup, located underneath the sliding dentist module, is protected from spray mist. Opening the dentist module reveals the cuspidor, which is covered during treatment.


The assistant's side is equipped with the suction system; the multi-functional syringe is accessible from both sides. The sliding mechanism allows for the instruments to be brought as close as possible to the mouth of the patient, treatment pathways are short and unobstructed.

Accidentally missing the treatment motors does not cause them to fall to the floor.

The patient does not feel uneasy about the tray or the equipment being brought up close, he/she is not boxed in.

The advantages

  • completely new treatment process due to the sliding and fold-out system
  • hygienic hose storage
(in a separate chamber with Aerosol spraying system)
    low maintenance, smooth
  • minimum surface space requirements
  • customizable equipment and free choice of colors
  • docking possibility
  • economical
  • no treatment restrictions due to obstructions
  • concealed hygienic cuspidor bowl
  • no exposure to spray mist
  • self-retracting hoses
  • secure instrument tray
  • each equipment set can be operated independently without any storage obstruction
  • integrated surgical motor connected to a
    bottle system
  • easy repair access and exchange of the bottle located in the main body
  • short treatment pathways
  • secured hose systems without freefall
  • unobstructed entry and exit
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