Kinx-Cross Softsticks (3 pcs.)


For optimal cleaning and massage of interdental spaces: KINX-Cross Softsticks are dentist recommended. They are safe to use, non-breakable, small, convenient and injury-free.

This set comes with 3 Kinx-Cross Softsticks.

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The optimal cleaning of interdental spaces must be injury-free and gentle. It should not be done with mechanical, rotating brushes, nor with slicing dental floss. A cleaning should not result in bleeding and should include a suitably shaped tool. Brushes with metal wires are to be rejected altogether, because the wires bend and lead to uncontrolled injury of the junctional epithelium.

All these evident demands as well as the wishes and suggestions of many patients gave me the idea and finally led to the invention of the KINX-Cross Softsticks. This unassuming practical tool has become the vade mecum of daily dental care.

Additional advantages:

  • stain-resistant
  • non-breakable
  • injury-free
  • made from Hytel by Dupont
  • usable as interdental wedge
  • non-breakable
  • three sizes in one box
  • secure thread (no danger of aspiration)


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