Developed by Dr. Grabosch. For maximum reliability with less material: A titanium root filling pin system that guarantees an optimal seal of the root canal without additional root filling material.

  • Stabilizes the dental root and crown – no additional post and core
  • Instrumented insertion and ultrasonic compaction
  • Less complications due to over-tamping
  • Easy root pin adjustment
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This is achieved because of the special design. It allows for a secure fitting of the root filling pin inside the prepared root canal. Insertion takes only one single step. Crown overlays are a lot easier due to the customizable length of the root filling pins. The root filling pins are inserted into the prepared root canal using an ultrasonic device and the corresponding conical special adapter WF101 or the manual adapter WF103.


Diagnostic X-ray (length determination) / anesthesia / dental dam (disinfection of the work area) / initial file (ISO-size/working length) / canal flushing / spot film X-ray / definitive length adjustment and conical preparation of the root canal / masterpoint X-ray.


  • Insertion of the root filling pin into the adapter (Fig. 3)
  • Root filling pin size selection correspondent to the last preparation step.
  • Drying of root canals with sterile paper points.
  • Moisten root filling pin with sealer paste.
  • Fit root filling pin with the adapter onto the ultrasonic device and insert into the root canal. (Fig. 4)
  • Compact the root filling pin ultrasonically (10 seconds) and then snap it off at the predetermined breaking point (Fig 5).
  • Final X-ray.
  • Fill the entire cavity with composite.
  • Shorten pin and occlusal plane after the composite has cured (Fig. 6).

Additional advantages:

  • A bioinert and structurally osteotropic root filling pin, biocompatible
  • Substantial reduction in workload
  • Few instruments
  • Radiopaque
  • Good handling
  • Dimensional stability


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