Safety Stop


The therapeutic end cap for safe and joint-friendly walking aids. The spring-loaded metal pin and the special rubber compound prevent slipping.

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The present invention provides secure and alleviating footing on any type of surface (flooring). The metal pin is height-adjustable and can therefore be adapted to the existing conditions and requirements. Due to its spring, it is impossible for the metal pin to break, nor does it leave behind imprint marks in the floors.

The special shape and rubber compound with load-dependent shore hardness ensures a significant relief for joints and shoulders.

This end cap provides a therapeutic benefit because it prevents sudden slipping and thus avoids fractures and other injuries.

Advantages at a glance:

  • spring-loaded
  • self-cleaning
  • slip-resistant
  • joint-friendly
  • no imprint marks
  • spring-loaded metal pin
  • individually adjustable
  • freeze-resistant


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